Our DNS Lookup API allows you to look up real time DNS search for a given hostname.



We parse DNS query data thoroughly to let you fetch information in consistent JSON/XML formats.

Common Use Cases

Competitive Analysis

Our simple & fast DNS Lookup API is a great way to lookup and compare DNS entries. Use this API to determine the companies that your competitors are currently working with, ensuring you're reaching out to the right companies for your business development efforts.


Penetration Testing

Our DNS checker API is a great way to gain a more in-depth understanding of an organization's online presence. This information can be used by pen testers and researchers to discover more about an organization's network infrastructure, gaining insights into potential attack surfaces.

Threat intelligence

The DNS Lookup API is ideal for tracking down the creator of malware, DDoS attacks and more. If your site is receiving a large amount of traffic that isn't normal, then you can use our detailed results to track the originator right down to their IP address. This information is useful in pinpointing issues such as spam campaigns, phishing schemes and hacking attempts.