Email Alerts

Stay informed with daily email alerts from our domain monitoring service. Receive instant notifications for changes in domain registration, ensuring you're always in control and aware of any modifications.

Whois Field Exclusion

Tailor your domain monitoring experience by excluding specific WHOIS fields for tracking. Streamline your focus on crucial details, such as domain status and registration updates, to receive the most relevant information.

View Historical Results

Review historical monitored results to gain insights into the evolution of your online assets and facilitate compliance or audit requirements.

Edit Monitors

Tailor settings to your specific needs by excluding unnecessary WHOIS fields. Stay in control of your domain monitoring, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your evolving requirements.

Supported TLDs

Ensure continuous oversight of the domains added to our domain monitoring tool, with daily monitoring that delivers timely alerts in the event of any modifications to the WHOIS records.


Track domains across a vast array of top-level domains, encompassing both global top-level domains and country code top-level domains. For more details, visit supported TLDs page.

Common Use Cases

Unauthorized Modification Detection Monitor WHOIS records of identified domains to swiftly detect and respond to unauthorized changes, enhancing the security of your owned and managed domains.
Monitor Domain Availability Stay informed about domains you wish to register once they become available. Receive alerts when a domain is dropped, expired, or in pending delete status.
Brand Protection Monitor domains with your brand name to detect unauthorized registrations or changes. By monitoring whois records, you can identify threats like domain squatting or phishing, allowing prompt action to protect your brand and online presence.
Cybersecurity Detect changes to domain whois records indicating domain hijacking or malicious activities. Immediate action can protect your domains from unauthorized transfers or DNS changes, ensuring the integrity and security of your online assets.
Intellectual Property Protection Monitor domains related to your intellectual property to prevent infringement and unauthorized use of your trademarks or copyrights.


What is domain Monitoring?

Domain monitoring is a service or tool that keeps track of specific domain names, providing real-time alerts and insights into their domain status and changes. This process typically involves observing the WHOIS records associated with a domain, which contain details about the domain's ownership, registration, and contact information. By continuously monitoring these records, domain monitoring services help users stay informed about crucial events such as domain expirations, ownership changes, or unauthorized modifications. This proactive approach is essential for businesses, organizations, and individuals looking to safeguard their online assets, prevent cyber threats, and maintain the security and integrity of their digital presence.

How to monitor a domain name?

Monitoring a domain name involves staying informed about any changes to its registration details. Our Domain Whois monitor continuously checks the Whois database for any alterations to a domain's registration information, including changes to ownership, registrar details, expiration dates, and more.

To begin monitoring a domain name, follow these steps:

  1. Access the billing dashboard by sign-in. select monitoring tools > domain monitoring tab for monitoring.
  2. Enter the domain name you wish to monitor into the provided field. This ensures that any changes to this domain's registration details will be tracked.
  3. Customize the monitor settings according to your preferences. You may have the option to exclude certain fields from monitoring if they are not relevant to you.
  4. Ensure that you have configured email alerts within your monitoring settings. This will ensure that you receive notifications promptly whenever changes are detected.
  5. Once the monitoring is set up, you'll receive email alerts whenever changes occur to the domain's registration details. Review the alerts as they come in and take necessary actions based on the detected changes.

By following these steps, you can effectively monitor your domain name and stay informed about any modifications to its registration information.

What types of changes to a domain's WHOIS record can be monitored?

The domain monitoring service is equipped to track every modification or update within the WHOIS record, spanning registrant contact details, administrative and technical contact details, domain status updates, name server changes, and even occurrences of deletion and re-registration—unless explicitly excluded by the user.

How are alerts delivered and how frequently?

Alerts are sent through email, and you will be notified whenever the domain monitoring tool detects any modifications or updates in the WHOIS record. The monitoring tool actively checks domains on a daily basis, ensuring timely alerts to keep you informed about any changes to your monitored domains.

Can I monitor multiple domains simultaneously?

Yes, our domain monitoring service allows you to simultaneously monitor multiple domains, providing you with comprehensive oversight and alerts for each domain.

Is there support for monitoring international TLDs?

Absolutely, the domain monitoring tool supports all international or global top-level domains (gTLDs). Visit our Supported TLDs page for additional details.

Is there support for monitoring national ccTLDs?

Certainly, domain monitoring extends support to national or country code top-level domains (ccTLDs). Explore our Supported TLDs page for additional information.

Is there support for monitoring second level domains SLDs?

Yes, our domain monitoring service offers support for monitoring second-level domains (SLDs). Visit our Supported TLDs page for more details.