What are Expired Domains and their Use ?

An Expired domain which did not renewed by current owner and its expiry date occur. Domain registrars keep the domain for 30-45 days. Expired domains whois files provide these expired domains whois.

What are Deleted/Dropped Domains and their Use ?

The deleted domain is available for anybody to simply re-register like it was a new domain. Domain registrars keep the domain for 30-45 days after expiry date, in this duration owner can renew it. If he does not renew, it gets dropped by registrar and can be registered by anyone. Dropped domains whois files provide these dropped domains whois.



Covers All TLDs

Get records of thousands expiring and dropped domains that covers more than generic (gTLDs) and country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs).


Accurate and Updated Database

We always keep our database up to date with latest whois data. We update our database on a daily bais.

Common Use Cases

Purchasing an expiring or dropped domain can impact positively on the SEO of your website. Helpful to rank higher your website on search engines. Expired domains become valuable when they have a quality link profile, relevant to your business, and previously not used for spam.


SEO Purpose

Mostly expired or deleted domains have the typical SEO relevant data, like number of backlinks, traffic, domain birth Date and a many more.

Redirects Purpose

Redirect high-quality and relevant domain to your site. It is useful in boosting the authority of your website to rank in the search engines.


Build Private Blog Network

You use expired domain names to build a fleet of high-quality highly authoritative sites in a specific niche and then you can use those sites to rank your site.

Build Authority Sites

The Faster way to give your site authority to buy an expired/dropped domain so you can use its existing SEO value. This will boost your website ranking in a shorter duration, do not need to build another website from scratch.