Expiring Domains API

The Expiring Domains API provides information about domains whose registration has expired and whose status is pending deletion or redemption. This data can help businesses and individuals to make informed decisions about domain names, such as whether to acquire an expired domain or register a new one.

Deleted Domains API

The Deleted Domains API provides information about domains which has been dropped and now available for registration. You can use this API to discover existing addresses which are no longer in use and may be perfect for your next business venture.

Common Use Cases


Domain investors

Domain investors may use the data to identify and purchase deleted domains that have high traffic or valuable backlinks, with the goal of reselling the domains for a profit.

Brand protection

Companies may use the data to monitor the registration status of domains that contain their brand name or trademarks, in order to prevent cybersquatting or other forms of online brand abuse.


SEO and link building

SEO professionals may use the data to identify expired domains with high domain authority and use them for link building purposes.

Market research

The data can be used for market research purposes, such as identifying trends in domain name registrations and expirations.


Competitive analysis

The data can be used to monitor the activities of competitors, such as identifying when they allow domains to expire or registering new domains.