We provide our clients with daily access to about 200,000 recently purchased domain names. We monitor the internet and identify thousands of new domains that have been newly registered.

All TLDs

Covers All TLDs

Get WHOIS records of thousands recently registered domains that cover more than TLDs.


Our WHOIS data is well parsed and normalized to a consistent csv format. This data allows you to find key information such as registration date, expiration date, creation date and registrar details etc.


Common Use Cases


Niche Research

Daily Registered Domains allow you to keep track of new domains as they are being registered. They also help you to reveal the existence of a new product or type of service before it is known to the general public.


Threat Intelligence

Recently Registered domains are significant to security services providers, digital risk protection vendors and threat investigators who could discover new malicious domains used for phishing and malware hosting campaigns. The recently registered domains feed enables security services provider to enrich their cyber security solutions by adding newly released domains data as potential indicators of compromise (IoCs).