What Are Newly Registered Domains And their Use ?

Newly registered domains are domain names that were just registered, are brand new and have never been registered by any previous owners. By our broad upto-date database, you can get the list of recently registered domains and their complete WHOIS information daily.



Covers All TLDs

Get records of thousands newly registered domains that covers more than 1000+ generic (gTLDs) and country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs).


Accurate and Updated Database

We always keep our database up to date with latest whois data. We update our database on a daily basis.

Common Use Cases

Widely used for querying WHOIS database to get registered users or assignees of an internet resource, such as ownership information of a newly domain name and a wider range of other information as well.


Detect Malware Campaigns

In the cyber security field, keeping eyes on recently registered domains gives the ability to detect and track suspicious domains that could be involved in malicious activities such as phishing, spam or malware campaigns.


Information of recently registered domains can be used for multiple purposes, such as for marketing to identifying and spying on your competition and their business plans.


Caught Up in Fake Domains

Large number of domain registrations performed every day, it’s easy for almost anyone outside of the technical cyber security field to get caught up in fake domain campaigns and digital traps set by malicious actors.