What Is Whois History, How It Works and What is The Use of Whois History ?

Explore historical domain ownership records in a simple and an easy way. WHOIS history API provides you every WHOIS record for a domain name that you’re investigating, ever since the first time it was registered.



Trace All Changes

Trace all changes thoroughly in the domain ownership and registration information from our upto-date broad database which consists of millions of current and historical WHOIS data records.


Accurate and Upto-date

We always keep our WHOIS history database up to date with latest whois data containing all changes. We update our database on a daily basis.


Fast Whois History Lookup

Speed matters a lot to us. We load our indexed DataBase in hot memory to avoid any disk and database operation. This makes us the fastest whois history lookup services with minimum response time.


Covers All TLDs

Get records of millions of active domains and subdomains that cover more than 1000+ generic (gTLDs) and country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs).

Common Use Cases

WHOIS historical data information is the part of domain research suite (DRS). It include the contact details of previous and current owners, registration dates, and registrar details. Our historical WHOIS database contains wide range of details on millions of domain names including thousands of TLDs as well.

Online Fraud or Attacking

Cyber Security & anti-malware solution providers mostly use WHOIS history details to collect useful information to know who is behind a malicious domain. Investigators and law enforcers can develop attacker profiles, which is really helpful to catch the criminal.


Domain Protection

Get domains that violate your brands and discover ownership changes of domains that infringe on your trademarks.

Domain Registries & Registrars

Domain Registries & Registrars use WHOIS API to get the details of business location and contact information of a company, organization, or individual with a domain name that is operating on the internet.


Brand Owners and Protection Agents

WHOIS history API is use as a brand monitor to list down potential domains with which trademark infringers can negatively affect their reputation and detect duplicate domain names. They can monitor the ownership and other WHOIS record changes.