What Is WHOIS And Use Of Its Database ?

Over 4.9 Million domains are registered each month. Our WHOIS normalized database download provide you an evaluative domain information such as a domain owner name, registrant name, organization, email address, country, contact details, domain location and many more. Custom WHOIS domains database is sorted by registrant specific whois domains data, country specific whois domains data and an email specific whois domains data.

Registrar Specific Domains

Registrar specific database provide you the complete whois information of the domains that are registered with a specific registrar like GoDaddy, Namecheap and so on.

Country Specific Domains

Country specific database provide you the complete whois information of the domains that belong to a specific country like USA, Canada, China and so on.

TLDs Specific Domains

TLDs specific database provide you the complete whois information of the domains that are registered with a specific domain extension like '.com', '.io', '.net' and so on.



Well Structured & Format

Well parsed and normalized whois data records which are available in CSV file format easy to read and integrate into any business system.


Accurate and Updated Database

We always keep our database up to date with latest whois data. We update our database on a daily basis.


Exclusive Access

We provide you the exclusive access to accurate and updated information to make better decision for your business.


Covers All TLDs

Get records of millions of active domains and subdomains that cover more than generic (gTLDs) and country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs).

Common Use Cases

Widely used for querying WHOIS database to get registered users or assignees of an internet resource, such as ownership information of a domain name and a wider range of other information as well.

Cyber Security Companies

Cyber Security & anti-malware solution providers use WHOIS API services for investigating cybercrime to detect spams, credit card fraud, hackings, geographical locations and other activities on the internet.


Government Agencies

Government agencies use WHOIS API services to identify malicious websites, domain and IP addresses associated with fraudulent practices and other online illicit activities.

Domain Registries & Registrars

Domain Registries & Registrars use WHOIS API to get the details of business location and contact information of a company, organization, or individual with a domain name that is operating on the internet.


Brand Owners and Protection Agents

WHOIS API is used as a brand monitor to list down potential domains with which trademark infringers can negatively affect their reputation and detect duplicate domain names. They can monitor the ownership and other WHOIS record changes.

Marketing Data Warehouses

WHOIS API is used to develop the customers of the companies based on which includes cybercrime units, government agencies, registrars, domain resellers, marketing researchers and others.


Banks & Financial Institutions

WHOIS API is used to monitor corporation domain assets and brands. Improve business intelligence for companies and create investment opportunities. Support trademark identification on new filings, detect theft or fraud investigations.