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Is reverse CNAME lookup possible?

Yes, through our Reverse DNS API or tool, you can perform a reverse CNAME lookup with ease. Simply select the CNAME and enter the target you are interested in. The tool will then retrieve all domain names and hostnames associated with that CNAME record, both current and historical. This feature provides a comprehensive view of the connections to the specified CNAME.

In case there are over 100 domains associated with the target you're investigating, you'll need to consider purchasing API credits or subscribing to our API credits plan to access the complete dataset. This ensures you have seamless access to all the relevant data.

How does reverse DNS lookup differ from reverse IP lookup?

Reverse DNS Lookup:
Reverse DNS lookup involves a straightforward query against the DNS system to map an IP address to its corresponding domain name. This is accomplished by examining the DNS PTR records set by the IP address owner. The process helps verify the authenticity of connections and identify the hostname associated with an IP address, commonly used for network administration and security purposes, particularly in email authentication.

Reverse IP Lookup:
Reverse IP lookup taps into a complex database that records IP addresses associated with crawled websites, providing a list of websites hosted at a specific IP address. This method allows users to uncover domain names hosted on a given IP address, aiding investigations into shared hosting environments and hosting histories.
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