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How to find out who owns a domain?

WHOIS lookup can be a valuable tool for finding a domain name owner. WHOIS is a protocol and system designed to provide essential information about online resources, including domain names. When individuals, businesses, organizations, or governments register domains, they often share their contact details, such as names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers, in the vast realm of WHOIS data.

Key information typically found in a WHOIS database entry includes:

  • Registrar: The organization responsible for registering the domain name on behalf of the owner.
  • Registrant: The individual or organization that owns the domain name.
  • Administrative Contact: The designated person for managing administrative matters related to the domain.
  • Technical Contact: The person responsible for handling technical aspects of the domain, such as DNS settings and server configurations.
  • Creation and Expiration Dates: The dates when the domain was registered and when it's set to expire.
  • Name Servers: Information about the servers that handle the DNS records for the domain.
  • Domain Status: Indicates whether the domain is currently active, suspended, or undergoing any other status changes.
  • Updated Date: The most recent update to the domain's information.

However, it's crucial to be aware of certain limitations regarding access to personal details from domain registration data, especially after the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR has significantly altered how domain registration data is handled, with a strong emphasis on individual privacy and data protection.

To address privacy and security concerns, some domain owners opt for privacy protection services offered by registrars. These services replace the owner's personal contact information with generic contact details, enhancing privacy and reducing the risk of unwanted solicitations and identity theft.

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